D.El.Ed Faculty

S.No. Name of the Selected Candidate (Mr./Ms.) Lecturer in Remarks
1 Sri .P. Satyanarayana Principal Approved
2 Sri S. Shyam Sunder Science Approved
3 Sri P. Sudarshan Goud Social Studies Approved
4 Sri . Gundappa Fine Arts Approved
5 Smt. E. Rameshwari Foundations of Education Approved
6 Sri. P. Swamy Telugu Approved
7 Sri. K. Goverdhan Reddy English Approved
8 Sri  D. Raghavender Physical Director Approved

B.Ed Faculty

S.No. Name of the Selected Candidate (Mr./Ms.) Lecturer in Remarks
1 Sri R. Srinivasulu Principal Approved
2 Sri Chandra Shekar Reddy Bio - Science Approved
3 Sri Gopal.J Mathematics Approved
4 Sri A. Vijay Kumar Telugu Approved
5 Sri M. Ravinder Reddy English Approved
6 Smt. A. Anuradha Mathematics Approved
7 Sri. B.J. Pradyoth Kumar Social Studies Approved
8 Sri Vijaysimha Bio-Science Approved
9 Sri. B.Erranna Education Approved
10 Sri.K. Saidaiah Telugu Approved
11 Sri.Ambaiah. M Physical Director Approved
12 Sri. Ramakrishna. D Physical Science Approved
13 Sri. Dhanraj Fine Arts Approved
14 Sri. Rajashekar Visual Arts Approved
15 Sri. Nagaraju Physical Science Approved
16 Haricharan A English Approved

M.Ed Faculty

S.No. Name of the Selected Candidate (Mr./Ms.) Designation Remarks
1 Dr.A. Pandurao Principal & Professor Approved
2 Dr.T.V. Rama Mohan Professor Approved
3 Dr.T. Raviteja Associate Professor Approved
4 Dr.K. Shekar Reddy Associate Professor Approved
5 Smt. Busshra Yasmeen Assistant Professor Approved
6 Sri. K. Suresh Assistant Professor Approved
7 Smt. Naheeda Begum Assistant Professor Approved
8 Sri A. Chandra Shekar Assistant Professor Approved
9 Smt. J. Vijayalaxmi Assistant Professor Approved
10 Smt. Zehra Fatima Assistant Professor Approved